Our Services...

Thank you for your interest in City and Village Tax Office. We have been in the business of providing professional collection services for cities, villages and subdivisions since 1937. We hope that you find our years of experience to be helpful in the collection of your assessment fees. We understand that most people elected to manage their subdivision’s affairs have little or no experience and we are here to help. But, with a growing number of assessment collection services in our area, what sets them apart and why couldn’t you handle billing in-house? Service and experience are what sets us apart. Here’s what City and Village Tax Office can offer you:

The billing and collection of your assessments.
Follow up notices to delinquent accounts, including postage and the lien preparation is included.
The legal fees incurred by our attorney sending collection letters are not passed on to the Trustees.
We don’t get paid for collecting an account until it is collected. This includes any past due amounts.
We file and manage all bankruptcy claims on behalf of the subdivision.
Any closing matters with title companies are handled without the Trustee’s involvement.
Bounced checks from homeowner’s are also handled without the Trustee’s involvement.
Timely maintenance of ownership records.
Referrals to qualified subdivision attorneys, accountants and other professionals.
We assist in the preparation and the filing of simple amendments to subdivision indentures and restrictions.
Mailing of newsletters, meeting announcements, etc. Only postage and materials are charged on any newsletters, etc sent. Labor is never charged.
An escrow accounting service means no more checks to write and no more statements to balance.
An office that is available 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays)
No voice mail. A real person answers the phone every time and messages are returned.
Our 63 years of experience in handling subdivision matters is unmatched in this business.

We currently collect for over 800 subdivisions in 6 counties in Missouri and Illinois. That list is growing daily. Please browse the list of accounts we collect and a brief history of who we are. We appreciate the opportunity to provide this information to you and look forward to speaking with you. Should you have any questions at all concerning this information or any other subdivision matters, do not hesitate to call me. Thank you.

Nick S. Larson